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We love our students, their families and all Tuzer friends & alumni that we have worked with over many years. We’re proud and honored to have received so many positive comments!

Every spring, critics and fans swarm the workshop performances of the School of American Ballet, eager to spot the next generation of talent. Our answer to the School of American Ballet is Richardson-based Tuzer Ballet, which steadily produces exquisitely trained young dancers. Dallas Morning News

Tanju and Patricia Tuzer (Tuzer Ballet, Richardson, Texas) truly shaped me into the dancer and person that I am. Passion for dance and artistry runs through their veins. They saw something special in me at a young age and really nurtured it, teaching me good taste and self-assurance. I don’t think I would have pursued dance at all if it weren’t for them. They helped me fall in love with moving. Even at the age of 22, as an almost strictly contemporary dancer, I perform as Marie (aka Clara) in the Tuzer Ballet Nutcracker every year. Rebecca M.

I can’t express with photos how much the Tuzer’s have meant to me and my family. Mr. Tuzer was like a father to me, and his guidance and wise words are still in my head today and are part of who I am. The first picture with him standing in the wings watching was always a favorite for me to see. It was so comforting to be on stage and to see him gleaming from the wings. Unfortunately I can’t make it Saturday, but my mother, grandmother (who is 96 now!), sister, brother and I are all thinking about you guys with so much love! Katrina S.

Although it was a fluke that I ever started ballet lessons, Pat & Tanju changed the course of my life. They unleashed and nurtured a love and passion for dancing in me.  In my eight years of training, they mentored me in so many ways – both personally and professionally. It is with a grateful heart that I give them credit for their positive impact on me.  Because of their top notch training (which is beyond reproach), I was able to enjoy a very successful 18-year career as a professional ballet dancer.  Dance aside, the Tuzers are caring, devoted, giving, and loving people…family. Zack Grubbs

Academy Principal at the Otto M. Budig Academy, Cincinnati Ballet

I can only highly recommend the Tuzer Ballet as being an exceptional dance school. My six years of training with Tanju and Patricia Tuzer concreted a strong foundation of technique and artistry. This exposure to their authentic classical ballet education, diversity of different dance styles, and pre-professional experience is necessary to become a professional dancer which is a much harder endeavor than most expect. I then went on to dance with Pennsylvania Ballet, Ballet West, and Eugene Ballet and receive a B.F.A. from the University of Utah. I fondly still remember performing many of Mr T’s choreography and putting on with so much enthusiasm my first pair of pointe shoes in Ms. Pat’s class. Tamarin Kelly-N.

We absolutely love Tuzer Ballet not just for dance but a wonderful loving family environment for our girls to learn what they love!! I’m so grateful that the Tuzer’s chose Richardson to bring there world known experience and to share with us. April W.

Tuzer is the school for aspiring girls and boys seeking traditional, classical ballet training of the highest caliber.  Sparkly princess dance factory, this is not.  The utmost attention is paid to the development of proper technique to produce dancers who become principals in professional companies. Julie A.

I have so many wonderful memories of dancing in the Nutcracker for several years! Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Tuzer for wonderful, classical ballet training and for wonderful memories! I learned so much during my years as a student. Elizabeth G.

An amazing ballet school. Owners are classical trained professional principal dancers that still teaches classes. If you want a place that teaches proper techniques, this is the studio to go to. Ashley M.

    5 star review  I'm so excited for my little to begin classes here! Such a lovely studio with even more gracious and friendly owners!

    Alison Lebeck Garcia Avatar Alison Lebeck Garcia
    July 19, 2017

    5 star review  The years our daughters spent at Tuzer Dance School were life molding. They learned so much more than classical ballet by the brilliant and creative instructors. They grew as individuals while the integrity, discipline and attention to detail being fostered at the school was naturally spilling over into their everyday lives. Tuzer was a foundation of their childhood and we are forever grateful. Years later as we watched the NYC Ballet Nutcracker performance, we were able to grow in our appreciation for the quality of training the girls had at Tuzer Dance knowing that Pat and Tanju worked tirelessly to ensure their girls are preparing in the utmost professional manner. We hold Tuzer very close to our hearts and are grateful to Pat and Tanju for sharing their love of dance with our girls.

    Lexie Evetts Manson Avatar Lexie Evetts Manson
    July 5, 2017

    5 star review  

    Paula A Warrior Avatar Paula A Warrior
    November 3, 2016

    5 star review  

    Clauthia R Fields Avatar Clauthia R Fields
    October 16, 2016

    5 star review  

    Rita Latimer Avatar Rita Latimer
    September 17, 2016

    5 star review  Awesome Staff awesome place very dedicated ms pat and Mr Tuzer

    Uzma A. Qureshi Avatar Uzma A. Qureshi
    August 19, 2016